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Yet Another Diet Critique

Ok - so I know as I write this that there are plenty of threads with similar topics but as I would really like some help with this I wanted to make sure my new post wasn't lost on an old thread. That being said, this post will be extensive and as detailed as I can make it so you all don't have to ask for more information. So, here we go.

I am currently on the 6th week of the ramp-up cycle of CFSB. I am 5'7", about 160#, and probably 12-15% BF. I put it in that range because you can see my upper and middle abs when I flex but not when relaxed.

My current goals, in order, are:
1. Gain Strength
2. Gain Muscle Mass
3. Lean out

I am currently using the zone to figure food but am not following zone proportions. I am eating a 21P/12C/58F blocks per day plan. Three weeks ago I cut out grains, dairy, and legumes except on my one cheat day a week (which ranges from one meal to all day depending on the situation) so I'm pretty much paleo most of the time.

Here is a typical day (with a pre-dinner workout - numbers would change if I did the WOD at a different time):

9 AM - 5P/3C/15F
-2 Eggs
-2 Egg whites
-2 oz chicken breast
-150g Broccoli raw (1 block)
-120g green beans raw (1 block)
-1/2 cup salsa
-1 tbsp evoo
-1 tbsp flax seed (2 blocks)
-12 almonds

1 PM - 5P/3C/15F
-4.5 oz lunch meat (turkey right now)
-1 boiled egg
-1.5 oz ground beef (usually grass fed if I can afford it)
-2 blocks broccoli (1.5 cups), steamed
-1 block green beans (1 cup), steamed
-1 avocado
-2 tsp evoo
-6 almonds

5 PM - 3P/0C/15F
-1 can sardines (2P/8F)
-1.5 oz lunch meat
-1 tbsp evoo


7 PM (within 30 minutes of WOD) - 5P/6C/0F
-7.5 oz ground beef
-1 banana (2 blocks)
-1 cup strawberries
-1 cup grapes
-3 oz carrots (1 block)
-1 scoop protein powder

10:30 PM - 3P/0C/13F
-3 oz chicken breast
-21 almonds
-1 avocado

I always keep most of my carbs and fruit to post workout and take the protein powder to get in some fast protein post WOD. My 5F/6C/0F meal is always post WOD.

Now, I have been seeing strength gains and I'm definitely bigger. I'm finding my new 1RMs this week and so far squat as upped 10# to 325#. I hope to get at least 405# DL and 165# Press. I also PR'd in my 5RM for Front squat at 230# this past week. I'm very pleased. However, I am not as lean as I would like to be so I'm trying to figure out how to make that happen while continuing to gain strength/muscle. I thought cutting out grains, dairy, and legumes while keeping fruit to Post WOD would do that but it hasn't. Here are my theories in particular order:

1. I'm eating too much fat - I don't think this is it but I know it's not the protein or carbs as far as amount is concerned so that only leaves the fat.

2. I'm still eating too much fruit (5-6 blocks a day on WOD days and post WOD - I don't eat more than 2 blocks on non-WOD days) so I'm still getting too much sugar. I do try and keep my insulin spikes to no more than twice a day, however.

3. I'm not eating enough protein and fat so I'm not building muscle quickly enough to burn off the excess fat that would help me lean out. I'm only eating 20 blocks fat with a 2x multiplier + 18 blocks for the carb blocks I have deleted for a total of 58 blocks. I'm also only eating about my BW in protein a day. I've seen guys who are eating up to 2x BW protein and a 4x multiplier (upwards of 80-100 blocks a day) so maybe I still just need to eat more. That would be hard as I'm usually pretty full after a meal.

4. My cheat meals are too excessive and keeping me from leaning out. I hope this isn't it because I like my cheat meals and it keeps me and my wife sane (she's not really on board with all this). It could be that I need to show a little more restraint on those days - maybe keeping it truly to only one meal as opposed to one meal and then maybe getting some ice cream later or something like that.

So there you have it. I told you this would be extensive but hopefully I'll answer the questions you may have before you have to ask them.

I plan to re-evaluate and possibly change block amounts on Friday so I'm trying to get ready for that. I really appreciate your help!!
Strength and Honor

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