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Re: Faster Half Marathon

Awesome! Thanks so much for your reply.

You're right about several things. The first is that I am probably overtrained as far as cardio. My lungs never get tired. Why beat that dead horse? You're also right that at higher mileage like conventional wisdom prescribes, I get really beat down. I feel like my legs are going to break off.

I like what you've laid out. Maybe I got the wrong idea from the Crossfit Endurance web site. I'll take a look at more of their workouts.

Do you recommend different intervals for different race distances? A 5k is pretty different from a half marathon. I would imagine that their respective training would be different? Or would that be less "per workout" and more "per week?"

I have 3 months to train for my next half.

Thanks so much! I really appreciate your response.
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