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Re: Globo-sub for Today's WOD: "The Dirty Dozen" or "The Twisted 12"

Originally Posted by Sam Walker View Post
Thanks Luke, definitely some useful stuff there.

I guess the decision I'm trying to make is to try a heavily subbed version of this WOD and still have to run around the gym or just to sub the whole thing for something more Globo-friendly.

Normally with metcon or strength WODs the subs seem quite obvious, but this is a bit different.
I know what you mean, but the worry for me is that when you start doing totally different workouts quite often, then you're not really doing CF any more - you're doing your own programming.

I did it quite often - I'd try to follow the wods, but then on days when something I had no equipment for or anything even close, ie, muscleups, ring dips etc, I'd do something totally different like o-lifts or pick a random wod from the archives that I could do

...but the problem is not knowing what will come up tomorrow! Say you did your ME rowing today, then tomorrow a WOD with a ton of rowing pops up, you might end up in another conundrum and have to come up with another workout! (I know rowing two days in a row won't kill you but you know what I mean)

For this wod (or an approximation of it), can you not cobble together all the bits you'd need into one corner or something, rather than running about the place? Depends on how 'globo' the gym is I suppose.
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