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Re: One man and his ACL

Folded at the UFC party last night - didn't have pizza and beer but did have a half pound burger and fries! Screwed my blocks up but was planning on having a cheat meal today anyway so just a straight swap.

12pm - 4oz fish, 25g wholemeal breadcrumbs, orange
4.30pm - 4oz fish, 12.5g wholemeal breadcrumbs, small wholemeal bap, 2 x jaffa cakes
8.30pm - 4oz venison, small wholemeal bap, 2 jaffa cakes
11pm - boiled egg and small tangerine

20 minutes bike - lvl 7, 100-110rpm

50 dips
50 reverse grip gravitron chins (22kg assist)
time: 13:17

20 minutes x-trainer - lvl 7, 60-65rpm

Major lie in today, hence the first feed at 12pm - eating baps a lot today because I'm off to Switzerland on Tuesday for a week and need to get that perishable stuff eaten. Jaffa cake... no excuse, I like them and strictly speaking they are 1 carb block each, but I know they're not ideal choices.

No balance work today, glutes, hams and quads all fried from yesterday and didn't fancy trying to balance with such understrength muscles because at this stage an awkward slip could put me back to square one. WOD wasn't for me today so listened to my body for clues as to what didn't hurt and could be worked today. My chest and tri's were ok so thought I'd just do 50 dips for time but halfway through thought I'd throw in the chins to finish off grip/back/biceps.

Sleep was disrupted last night because, after the UFC (which I enjoyed, some great KO's although perhaps an early stop on the Koscheck fight - I think Dana realises that British crowds are still a little ignorant on the ground game and boo anything that isn't a slug fest and picked fights accordingly) it was confirmed that they would be showing the Cotto Jennings fight. My mates wife was in Jennings' class at school so thought I'd do my bit and stay up til 4 to watch it... he tried but was waaay outclassed.
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