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Dave Rounsevelle
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One of my goals for the year to to accomplich a muscle up. I am a former powerlifter but in the last five years I have been riding motocross and running w/ some weight lifting. I have been doing some WOD, and usually finish w/ decent times-within the top 10 percent. I broke my collar bone last October so my pullups and dips are slowly coming along. I'm close to 15 on the pullups and can do 15 regular dips. I built a set of rings last weekend and...dips on rings are about 1:3 to regular dips. So ring dips about 6 reps now.
My question is, has anyone tried Tyler Hass' muscle up plan?? I should be ready to try it my the end of the month. Oh, I'm 47, and racing the 22 year old kid across to see who can get the first muscle up.:biggrin:
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