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Re: Help! Asap!!

Originally Posted by Frank E Morel View Post
A trip to the ER isnt necessary. ... its a waste of the persons time as they will sit and sit in the waiting room. A simple phone call to the attending Doctor would have resulted in the same thing.. a prescription refill.
that er visit... for a 12 dollar prescription would have cost 300 dollars plus.
Failing that attending doctor that does not call the prescription into the pharmacy then the next appropriate thing to do IS GO TO AN URGENT CARE CLINIC. NOW 12 dollar script is only going to cost 75 bucks.

Now you know why its so f'g expensive to go to the ER and just end up waiting and waiting. 2/3 of er presentations are stuff that could have and should have been handled at the doctor's office or a urgent care clinic.
Good points - I grew up in NYC where going to the ER you have a better chance of the Second Coming happening first before being seen by a doctor, and getting the bill can send you back to the ER with a stroke. However, I think being puffy all over and not being able to take a deep breath might warrant a trip to the ER, but then again, I don't have high blood pressure so I don't know how normal that is if you are out of meds.

I think the overriding thing is you don't look to a message board for advice for something like this and wait for a reply before taking action. You also should not be contemplating doing the WOD under these circumstances.
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