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Jason's Log 40lbs Later

So I think instead of tracking all of my workouts VIA Word and Excel documents I will be loggin everything in here. My story first started out at 228lbs at 22-25% body fat the beginning of the year.
Pic of me before workout out. December in Spain.

Me on the right go double chin go haha.

Felt like crap all the time. Eat horrible and didn't touch a weight for about 4 years. My dad got himself a gym membership and I decided what the heck and joined him. Started reading and learning and started out with the usual Lifting a 20 year old would do. As I progressed and read more and learned more I came across Crossfit. Looked into it and wanted to test myself. Well I Failed!!

I tried Filthy Fifty my first day. Well the pride definately got knocked out of me. Had lost about 20lbs at this point but was not too fit.

Pic At that point: Probably around 2-3 months after start and around 16% body fat I would guess. At 190-195lbs.

I was decent size but had no fitness level to me really. I was doing "some" HIIT but def not enough to suffice. Started crossfit. After about 2.5 months of crossfit puts me here today. About 11% body fat the little machine at the gym measures it I know they are iffy but It says 9-10% body fat I add a little for error and motivation lol. I don't have many recent pics but I do have an ironic one. (Note) I eat strictly all the time pretty much but this was a birthday party and I had a tiny bit of cake *dont hate*

Pic of me about 3 weeks ago. 10-11% body fat and 180-185lbs.

Onto to today's Log.
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