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Helen Wheels

Started CrossFit last week and I'm totally addicted. I'll post more info about my first week in Crossfit later.

For now, here's my story (which is my bio from my website:

After spending over 17 years in the Information Technology field, I found that my body just didn't want to spend so much time at a desk any more. Over a period of several years I was diagnosed with both Hypoglycemia (low blood sugar) and Fibromyalgia (muscle disorder). After several doctors, blood tests, x-rays, medications, MRI's, etc? I even went through a 6 month Fibromyalgia clinical study program. After all of that, I figured out for myself that the more exercise I got the better I feel.

At one point I was spending more than 3 hours a day working out! I had always been a fitness fanatic, but I knew that 3 hours a day was not a healthy habit. My fitness routine was also interfering with my desk job and my family life. So, I started looking at ways to add more physical activity to my every day life.

With some help from my family and friends I decided that the best way to help myself was to help others too! In 2006, at age 36, I decided I wanted to be a Personal Trainer. I got my first certification and started taking clients later that year.

I started my career in the Information Technology industry and worked my way through the ranks as an application and website developer, designer, business analyst and project manager. My administrative, website, project management and people management skills have proven to be priceless in starting a business.

In addition, having a desk job for over 17 years helps me to understand the lifestyle that the average office worker leads. Most people that sit for long periods at their job develop muscle imbalances causing tightness and pain. This pain may manifest in the neck, back, shoulders, chest, legs, knees, hands or wrists. Spending just a few hours a week can reverse the effects of long term sitting at your job.

I live with my long time boyfriend Ray (over 13 years!) and my little boy Charlie (dog). I enjoy working out, playing golf, riding my bike, watching sports, going out to dinner and the occasional glass of wine. I learned to play golf in 1998 and now hold a 10 handicap. We are members at Shaker Ridge Country Club, but still call Schenectady Muni home. Even now with my fitness career, you can still find Ray and I at the 19th hole occasionally.
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