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Re: Jason's SS-IF-Paleo-Blah-Blah-Blah Log

July 5th, Saturday

15 hour fast. Broke fast around 10am with a delicious Paleo Pancake:

(Recipe courtesy of Performance Menu)
2 large eggs, 1/2c Unsweeten Apple Sauce, 1/2c Almond Butter (about 7-8 tbsp), 1/2 tsp cinnamon, 1/2 tsp vanilla extra. Mix to form batter. Cook and Devour.

Roughly this comes out to 959 calories, 74g fat, 37g carb, 41g protein and I ate it with a side of 3 eggs fried in coconut oil ... Ah, God bless those guys at PM. Those guys don't mess around when it comes to their fat blocks.

The rest of day were filled with the usual Paleo stuff: more eggs, nuts, leftover rotisserie chicken, vegetables, etc. etc. However, I did end the day with another fat bomb from PM - Coconut Ice Cream. Calories for that come out to around 520, 40g fat, 30g carb, 4g protein.

All in all, I took in around 4000 calories yesterday according to Fitday. So this is what it is like if I don't have to work and can devote my whole day to eating! By the way, if my weight does not move up tomorrow, I am going to take the scale out back and shoot it.
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