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Eric Moffit
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great point...comparing exercises solely based on power and work overlooks other merits of the exercises. max strength efforts are the most obvious exception, where, for example, benching 300 twice in 1.5s does not necessarily imply the ability to bench 400 once in 1s (even though theyre equal with regards to power output).

however, i wasnt quite comparing apples to oranges. i was comparing BWT squats to front squats and, therefore, i think im justified in basing my judgements on such calculations. both protocols (my EDT front squats and my Tabata squats) involve the exact same with additional weight and one without. what the differences i noticed in power output imply is MY decreased ability to apply force over a distance in a specific amount of time (i.e. apply power) with additional weight for a squat. im not really comparing two different exercises, just my ability to perform two variations of the exact same exercise.

your point is well-taken, though. it is important to avoid getting caught up with 'the numbers' at the cost of losing sight of the big picture. plus, CrossFit's method of judging an exercise's value (based on functionality, line of action, etc etc) is already plenty sufficient.
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