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Issue 49 of the CrossFit Journal is out—it’s big and bustin’ with good material. Here’s a little synopsis of what’s in it.

• “Skill-Based Warm-Ups for Groups” -- Tony Budding talks about ways to warm up a diverse group while providing skill work and assessing their movement abilities.

• “Plyo Box with Slanted Sides” -- Lincoln Brigham presents full construction instructions for building sleek, stackable, shin-saving slant-sided plyo boxes. Plus directions for bombproof pulling blocks as a bonus. Try that at home!

• “Going Deep” – The indefatigable Mark Rippetoe delves into why full squats are not bad for your knees, with a few choice words for those who say they are. This man is on a crusade—and it’s both educational and entertaining to read.

• “Swing 2: The Other Swings” -- Roger Harrell’s gymnastics series continues. Last month he introduced the mechanics of gymnastics swings; this month, he develops that into basket, upper-arm, glide, and rope swings. With video.

• “Three Levels of Dumbbell Squat” -- Rutman is back! CrossFit’s favorite dumbbell coach, Michael Rutherford, gets in his own two cents on squat progressions, with DBs, of course, for trainees of all abilities.

• “Parkour Basics, Part 5: The Turn Vault and Cat Leap” -- Monkey man Jesse Woody cranks things up a notch this month, getting seriously vertical with the parkour turn vault and cat leap. Don’t try that at home—at least not without a lot of incrementally-progressing practice first.

• “Improving Running Mechanics” -- Track coaches Karl Geissler and John Baumann return to the journal with good advice and drills (demonstrated in video) on improving running mechanics, even for us non-specialists.

• “The Grinder: CrossFit FRAGO #2, ‘Carla’” – Another FRAGO (“Fragmentary Order” for those of us not accustomed to NATO document conventions), with full execution and logistics information for a workout mission dubbed “Carla.” Documentation your superiors won’t be able to poke holes in.

Check it out. Use the message board to post your comments, ask questions, or start related discussions. We want to know what you think.

Lynne’s CF FAQ has a list of the topics in each journal issue. And the back issues page also says what’s in each one.

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