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Re: Parking Issue

If you're working with a commercial real estate agent, they should be able to provide the location's (complex) total parking spaces available. Most light industrial, commercial and flex spaces have specs on their parking spaces and how many spaces they've allotted for each unit within the complex.

I am currently in process of application for our SUP and have to supply documentation for spaces, etc. as well. We provided the city with our brochure and link to our website that states our hours of operation, showing that most of our "traffic" and parking will be taking place during our neighbors "off" hours, therefore eliminating any conflict for spaces within the complex.

While assisting other box owners with their lease, I've found that often times if the landlord is willing to state that "X" amount of parking spaces are allotted for this location, it can be helpful.

If the space you've identified IS the SPACE, then go to the city and ASK what they want and what it will take to get the approval... they usually will work with you.
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