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Re: 500m Row Times

Originally Posted by Matthew Vesey View Post
No I have not. I will look into a possibility of a coach- thanks a lot!
Right now, I am trying to find a 1 on 1 Olympic Lifting Coach- super expensive in Ottawa. Near $150-$200 / session is what I am seeing. If that fails I can always look for someone to coach my rowing form.

No problem

See if maybe you could ask for a free assessment from a CF gym with a coach who has their rowing cert. Not exactly sure if any would be susceptible (spelling/proper wording?) to granting you one, but maybe you could put it off as trying to see what kind of trainers the gym has.

I've only once been in a CF gym my whole life, and that was to purchase a squat rack, so I don't really know how the business works all too well.

EDIT: Film yourself, post it on digital coaching. Just realised a bunch of people could probably help you.
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