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Re: 630 Deadlift

Thanks guys - pretty stoked about the lift. Now it's just a matter of hoping I can repeat at Nationals!

@Arturo: I haven't tried a max conventional in about three years, but back then it was almost identical to my sumo. I'm strong at both, but more comfortable with sumo. Currently I get 10-20 pounds out of the suit. Nothing out of the belt.

@Steve: I normally walk around at 175, but compete at 165. Then they went and changed the weight class this year, so I'm down to 163. Once Nationals are over I'll come back up to 170-175.

@Shane: They are adidas, but I forget the model. Just a flat casual shoe, but perfect for deadlifting.

@Jay: I still remember the day I got 500 like it was yesterday. Don't belittle it!!
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