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Home Gym/AmStaff equipment question

Hey everyone,
i've recently come into a bit of money and can finally afford to get some key pieces to a home gym. APOLOGIES FOR THE LONG READ!!


- Rack/Stands
- Bar
- Adjustable Bench
- Weights
- Flooring (just a DIY platform)

$2K with taxes and shipping


Rogue S-1 or S-2 (460-540) w/o spotter arms
Rogue SML-1 or SML-2 (500-650) w/o spotter arms
Again Faster Squat Stand 3.0 (370) w/o spotter arms
AmStaff TR023 (also knowin the states as Force USA) goes for 400 and includes dip attachment. WFS and WFS) I can also get this rack locally and save 130$ shipping but the price at the store is 499.

I mention squat stands because of price. I would prefer a rack due to having pull up bar and safeties, meaning I wouldn't have to rely on bumpers, which I still want to get bumpers.

I am a competitive powerlifter therefore I bench, and would love that added security, which means i'd have to get the safety spotter arms on the the total with spotter arms comes out to pretty close to the total of an R3. Height is also a consideration, because my basement ceiling is not finished I could line up the uprights and crossmembers to fit if i got the bolt together version.

any recommendations for/against anything. Any reviews on the AmStaff racks?


- Ohio Power Bar ($330)
- Klokov Bar ($355)
- Texas Power Bar ($450)
- Chan Bar ($340)
- B&R Bar ($345)

Obviously being a powerlifter the ohio power bar is my top choice because it is built to IPF specs so i'd get to practice with something similar BUT being that this will more than likely be my only bar for the next while (might get a crappy 89$ CAP bar) I am considering something less harsh on the hands for my wife AND for myself when I am doing higher rep work or dabbling in oly.

the Rogue bars and the klokov bar are getting a better look due to their lifetime warranty, BUT the klokov bar is whippier and thinner and im not sure what to think of the different knurl pattern on the might bug me (aka my hand would be on smooth, no grip) on close grip bench.

Any others I haven't thought of? or recommendations on course of action?

Adjustable Bench:

- XTC X-series Super bench ($400) Made in Canada ( wfs)
- York FID 205 ($130) WFS
- York FTS FID bench ($250) WFS
- AmStaff FID folding bench ($150) WFS
- AmStaff commercial series bench($250) WFS

I am looking for the weight rating of benches but can't find some, being a low-mid 300 bencher and walking around low 200s I can't expect to get a cheapo wally world one I know. Any recommendations?

One thing I learned is adjustable benches can be REALLY pricey.


I know i'll have to have a mix of bumpers and metal plates (gonna hit 600lbs deadlift this year), but id prefer to have KG plates.

So my options are:
- All metal plates, cheapest can MAYBE find some on kijiji, but its been barren. Depending on price I could get anywhere from 500-600lbs.
- Get a small amount of training plates and supplement with metal plates (the black with coloured lettering are the plates id like in my gym long term)
- Get HG bumpers and mix of metal
- Pick 1 or 2 pairs of the bumpers I use most (example 10kg and 25kg) and supplement rest with metal.

As far as bumpers go my best options are WFS
since they are the only ones that offer free shipping

Other than that it will be cheapo brands

I will probably go all metal for now and slowly build up a collection of bumpers
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