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Re: T-Nation, Shugart and the Truth About CrossFit

Originally Posted by Christian Mason View Post
It's coming, just much more slowly than we would like. Some of the mainstream media are starting to carry reports of successful trials of paleo or paleo like diets, and it IS getting attention. I believe the FDA revised their recommendations to include more fat recently (still grain based though)

I managed to find one study abstract from a Scadanavian MD. who did some research with pigs on a paleo vs ceral diet that showed promising results. It'll take more than this to change the deeply entrenched ideas that are there, not to mention the agendas many groups have due to their financial agendas. As a rule, people fear change, and resist it.

I think it's coming, just not as quickly as we would like.

I also agree, there is an entrenched dogma in the scientific community, if not science itself, the AHA makes some horrible recommendations, etc...

Lets change it. IF we really want to help stop people from dyeing from preventable causes, we can't just thumb our noses at the scientific community because "we know what works". We need to work on changing what is recommended to Joe Sixpack.
I was the review editor for that paper. Great work, well designed. More needs to be done. The folks who want to ignore it's implications however, will never be swayed.