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Shaun Gross
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Shaun's workout log

Have been dabbling in crossfit wods for a number of years, thought I'd start an online log for motivation, etc (and sick of losing my diary notebook where I used to log things all the time).

Quite new to alot of these movements, have been doing powerlifting movements for a few years.

Here goes_


Age - 26
Height - 180cm/5'11
Weight - 93 kg


Squat - 170 kg
Deadlift - 192.5 kg
Press - 80 kg
Front Squat - 145 kg
Clean - 102.5 kg
Jerk - 95 kg

Fran - around 8 mins
Grace - 3:30 mins
Max Pullups - 12


Get my first muscle up

can't think of the rest right now. Will just chronicle what I do in the way of fitness every day.

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