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Mark Kosmowski
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Re: Mark's improvements

In general, I'm probably not going to be trying CF workouts until September.

Did 20 reps of 20 lb DB bench presses, then 10 of 35 lb same. Then tried a bar benchpress (oly bar) with 90 lbs. Too much for my one elbow, so dropped down to 50 lbs and did 10 reps, then 7 reps with 70 lbs.

Then moved to decline bench sit-ups. Was at a different facility than usual and this decline bench was 50-100% more inclined and across whole body as opposed to just back. First set worked to get 15 then only made 6 on second set. Didn't want to push abs too hard in order to not be nauseous when giving blood immediately after workout.

Made some feeble abortive efforts at using the assisted pull-up machine - I tried a grip as if one is throwing a javelin and this was totally different than the palm forward grip I have been working on.
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