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Re: The 300 workout

In general these are good points....but a contrary item: ....I have a trainee with no CrossFit training backround who did Filthy Fifty first time Rx'd: 20:07! (a basketball player)

Originally Posted by Charles Applin View Post
The problem is people not familiar with GymJones or CrossFit get the mistaken impression that this was the ONLY work-out the actors did. Even the first post made it sound like that.

It's just a cute name attached to a work-out of the day, nothing more. The "1775" workout (celebrating the birth of the USMC) would be another.

The dangerous part is that people are not being properly warned in the popular articles that these work-outs are dangerous. Imagine trying the Filthy Fifty unscaled your first time at CrossFit. You'd sport some nasty injuries if you got even half way through it. That means that soon you'll have more moronic people claiming CrossFit (by virtue of its tangent association with GymJones and the "300" workout) is bad for you. My guess that will be the 5th guy that crushes his chest doing 135# floor wipers without using large diameter plates.
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