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Re: Before and After Pics- 12 weeks of CF, 24 weeks of eating clean

I think he was referring to the "Crossfitter or Bodybuilder" threads that are currently active.

I should have said in my original post that starting Crossfit represented a major paradigm shift for me that had been a long time coming. There is nothing wrong with eating and working out to look good but for me at least, the main advantage of Crossfit is how much better I feel and how much more I can do. Compared to the WODs, my old BB workouts and time on the treadmill seem like drudgery. The online CF community is the most supportive and positive I have come across on the net. Basically, any improvement in physical appearance is just one of MANY positive benefits I enjoyed since starting Crossfit. I posted the photos out of pride in what CF and good nutrition have done for me, as a thanks to all the people who have contributed to my improvements through this website, and as a motivator for others who are starting CF.

Wow, I hadn't planned to hijack my own thread but I thought it would be good to elaborate....
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