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Re: Vanessa's1st Crossfit Journal

Well, I made up the 10k this morning. I wasn't sure how my legs were going to hold out after having completed the rowing workout last night about 10pm. But, I actually ran a pretty good time for me. I am not a runner and have always been SLOW. But, I did the 10k in 57:18 and then kept running until 60minutes was up for a total distance of 6.49 miles.

I need to do some research on POSE running since I've seen it mentioned here so many times. I know it has something to do with running on the balls of your feet and leaning forward so that gravity does the majority of the work but I have no idea how to really incorporate that into my running style.

Made plans to workout ot at the GSX affiliate in Fort Worth next Friday! I am excited! Thanks Jeff for helping me set that up. And Ryan, of y
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