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Re: T-Nation, Shugart and the Truth About CrossFit

Matthew, for the record, I love good research. I would like to see more of it. But, I do not see good research coming out of the exercise physiology people. I see studies that have poor design, no randomization and ridiculously small sample size.

Here is a study I would love to see using CrossFit, intense exercise effect on the battlefield trauma patient. Take 2 groups of rats. Condition one with Tabata intervals on the wheel, leave the other ones alone. Next, hemorrhage the 2 groups to a degree of hypovolemic shock. After a set period of time, controll the bleeding and re-perfuse the rats. Next measure the degree of acidosis and reperfusion injury in the 2 groups. Did CF-type, high intensity exercise condition the rats for better survival in an oxygen debt environment? Were the fitter rats harder to kill? Next repeat the trial, results the same?

This is what I would like to see science use CF to answer. I think the answer is yes. This is the type of science and scientific experiments that I believe in.

But, this is not the type of research being conducted. I think it is a waste of a scientists time to prove that CF is better then Curves, Jazzercise or whatever.

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