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Michael Ernest Estrada
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Hello guys, Just putting my 2 cents in. I was doing crossfit,bag work, and Jiu-jitsu all in one session. Now since the nationals are getting closer (may 13th) I am now doing crossfit and all stand up Pad work, heavybag and muay thai on one day and 2 hours of jiu-jitsu the next day.The reason i was doing everything in one day is too get in great shape, and it worked. Did 2 hours of mat work last night and never got tired, it taught me how to work when you are gassed.My workout now is,
Day 1. crossfit, all bag work and muay thai
Day 2. 2 hours mat work jiu-jitsu
Day 3. repeat day 1
Day 4. repeat day 2
day 5. rest day
Thanks guys, mike
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