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Re: CF and relationships

Originally Posted by Christopher Morris View Post
I don't understand why going to Lifetime would be okay while the CrossFit box would not, unless John guessed it: your boyfriend may be insecure about the community strength of CrossFit. It should be, "I'm going to the gym. See you in an hour," and be irrelevant if it's Lifetime or a CrossFit box. If you like the CrossFit box better, fine.

As I read on in the thread, however, it seems that nutrition discussions are more of a sticking point in the relationship. Maybe he's bothered because you talk about it too much, and he's just not interested in changing the way he eats.

So my question is - how much can you enjoy your lifestyle without talking about it? If it's important to you, and you're satisfied within yourself, is that enough? Or is it also important to have someone with whom you can talk about it? Beyond that, is it important for them to participate in nutritional changes? It sounds like your boyfriend doesn't even want to talk about it, let alone make changes.

You can make peace in the home if, for example, your meal is something like chicken, vegetables, and rice. If you want to go Paleo, don't eat the rice. Just eat the chicken and vegetables. He wants ice cream after dinner. You can have fruit instead. That doesn't have to be a point of discussion or argument, you each just choose to eat what you want, and share common foods that you can agree on.
has to be it. Regular gyms don't have the closeness of the cf gyms. He's def worried.
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