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Numb patch, right inner thigh

Ok, I've been having some problems with my right leg for about 9 months now.

Last fall, while doing squats, I noticed some mild burning in my right hip. I tried extra stretching and movements that would loosen it up (thinking it was a tight muscle). Over time, the pain gradually worsened to the point that I couldn't walk without a limp. I went to the Dr. with this complaint and he ordered the soonest possible MRI (over a month away at that point) and I went to PT where they treated my symptoms as a strained ligament. I kept doing WODs on a 3/1 schedule. At the end of January I had my MRI and the radiologist called within 6 hours to tell me I had a grade 4 stress fracture of the femoral neck (no displacement). I live on a small Army post in Germany and there are no American orthos here, so I went to a German one who basically laughed at me and told me to wait for complete displacement, in which case he would set it with a pin. (Thanks, dude).

I did some research and sent my MRI to an ortho friend in the states. He told me no running for 6 months and to ease back into heavy lifting. I obeyed this and didn't start running or going heavy until last month. When I did this, I was pretty much symptom free.

3 weeks ago, I was at an L1 cert. At the end of the squat instruction small group on the last rep, I tried to stand up. My right leg collapsed inward and I couldn't get my quad to fire to move my leg at all. I was helped up and I hobbled around the rest of the day, noticing that my leg was numb and I had significant weakness. In the following days, the weakness and numbness subsided to a point. I'm still dealing with a very large numb area on the inside of my right thigh (it pretty much follows the path of the L4 dermatome) and some minor right quad weakness.

The numb area starts on the upper half of my knee cap and extends upward diagonally toward my midline.

Does anyone have any ideas what I can do about the numbness? Or its cause? It's a painful numb in that it feels no bueno to exfoliate that area or go over it with a washcloth, etc.

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