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Re: How Has Paleo Worked For You?

Guys: a whole lot of "testiness" in the replies here . . . how about everyone taking it down a bit in terms of the degree of personal involvement?

I thought Kirez did a decent job of describing the foundations of the "paleo" approach to eating, although it is a complex subject, and no 200-word introduction is going to give a complete story.

FWIW, you can also advance the argument that evolution may have effectively "stopped" in the last century or so, on the grounds that evolution needs (a) multiple generations to work, and (b) a relatively constant environment to "select" for and against favorable and unfavorable traits . . . but our social & economic environments, at least, have changed so rapidly over the last 100 years that it's difficult to say what traits are advantageous any more. This idea is put forth by Miller and Kanazawa in "Why Beautiful People Have More Daughters" (a simple popularization of evolutionary psychology) (wfs link to Amazon here:

Kirez, I honestly don't know if your specific difficulty in giving up grains indicates anything generally about the efficacy and wisdom of a strict Paleo approach . . . but I do kind of agree with Jay that you don't really know (even for yourself alone) without giving it a fairly strict trial . . . at least a month or two?

For myself, I've found it trivially easy to give up pasta and most bread . . . but still like my cooked grains (usually, slow-cooked morning oatmeal). I work it into Zone proportions with protein and fat, and find it immensely satisfying . . . enough that I no longer care whether the Paleo Police would disapprove, or whether it fits any particular vision of evolutionary psychology or not.
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