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Re: Dynamic Efforts, and Accomodating resistance

The reigning advice is that speed is king.

For squats (front, box, safety bar) use a 3 week wave of 50/55/60% of your 1RM of that particular lift. To that add around 25% accomodating resistance that would be 25% at the top. You should do 10-12 sets of 2.

So for your 305 Front squat:
Week 1: 152.5lbs bar weight + ~76 pounds of chain at the top of the lift
Week 2: 167.5lbs bar weight + ~76 pounds of chain at the top of the lift
Week 3: 183lbs bar weight +~76 pounds of chain at the top

After this do a new wave either with a differnt type of squat or change the type of accomodating resistance--bands, maybe keep the bar weight constant but add chains each week etc.

For bands, a good starting point for your front squat would be the light bands and then try the average bands.

Don't get overly fixed on making the weights perfectly match the percentages. Your 70lbs of chain is fine--as long as at least 1/2 if not more deloads completely at the bottom of your lift.

For the bench press it is very similar. Just do usually 9 sets of 3 (sometimes more, sometimes less--especially if you are using bands). Louie wrote an article for the final issue of Powerlifting USA and he reviewed their raw benching routine. Now the guys are using as low as 40% bar weight. But if you are new to it and need practice generating high levels of force with low bar weight, you are probably better off starting like the squats with 50-60% plus accomodating resistance.

If you plan on doing speed pulls, think 6-10 sets of singles or doubles with 50-70% plus accomodating resistance.

If you feel 50-60% is too high, either lower the accoomdating resistance or go to lower percentages for a while and once you can rock those move up the percentages over a couple of cycles.
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