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Is it the Bar?

I feel a little bad putting this in the injury section - from the outside it seems kind of minor, but this has been a serious pain in my side (errr...hand).

Every time, and I do mean every time, that I do a workout using pull ups I end up ripping a callous off of one or both hands, which takes 3-4 days to heal, and usually gets re-torn a couple of times along the way.

I have searched the board, appropriated my wife's fancy callous file which I use every day after a shower, I treat each new wound with a nice slurry made of salt and a little hot water in order to toughen up the skin, and STILL I rip and tear.

Which brings me (and you, oh patient reader) to the point of this post.

Could it be the bar?

Every bar around me (I'm at a recruit training base - LOTS of pull up bars) is covered with several layers of athletic tape, in various stages of repair. When I was at the cert in Santa Cruz, I noticed that the bars there are bare metal.
Could my whole problem be that I am using taped bars? I realize that an instinctual response would be "of course that's not the problem - thousands of recruits use them every day", but please remember, I kip for all I've got - not many others do (I'm a civilian. I don't have to dead hang, dangit!). And this problem has increased as I have gotten better/faster at kipping.
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