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Im seeking some info from anyone who could prescribe the ultimate dynamic workout in under 2mins. In my quest to get better returns and build skills I have recently begun doing a "Mini Workout" whilst at work. I work in Retail in a small shop and am trying to get the best that I can from the time that ive got. Whilst the other guys are outside taking a smoke break I can escape out the back an do one of these Mini-Workout's. I see it as "GTG" and a reward for my time management. I will go an do *10 - 15 pushups, followed by 10 leg raises on boxes, 10 dips on the same boxes (approx 1m H)and 10 x 25Kg Fixed dumbell snatches on either arm.

In the past I have done squats whilst holding the DB, but experienced problems with ...... ahem . . . splits in the workpants because I squat so deep. I cant do pullups (nowhere to do them)which is a real pain as that I feel would be the ultimate. I cant do Handstand pushups because of my work uniform, and the whole idea of this is to be able to get in - do what needs to be done and get out in literally a minute or 2 - not undress etc etc - and over the course of the day do 5-10 sets of these workouts. Im pretty lucky that I dont sweat heaps and when I do i dont stink with sweat (im pretty sure I dont...)

I would like to know if anyone could recommend any really dynamic moves. Im thinking of making a set of parralettes to bring into work for other moves.

Any thoughts would sincerely be appreciated.

Also i think I have a slight case of tendonitits in my right shoulder. I notice this in both shoulders when doing the dips on the boxes and dont know if this move is all that good for technique and safety. My palms are flat on the boxes and i have tried a closed fist also but still find myself leaning quite a way forward. The only reason why i question this movement is because I always see dips being performed on one of those massive stations with parrallel grips either side of your body and dont want to aggravate any problems as punishment for my enthusiasm.

Many, many sincere thanks in advance for any advice given.
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