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Re: 2014 45-49 Fittest on the Planet goal

Thurs- long day at work- arrived at the gym and did warm up hammies and shoulder rehab-

Dead lift- 155, 225, 265 for sets of 5, 305, 340, 365, 405 felt very heavy. Back down for 4 sets of 5 reps 345# with 10 ghd in between.

Warm up metcon exercises- dl, box jump overs and hspu

The rowing game- 4 round 100 meters. Every meter over/under you do 2 step ups 30"- I had to do about 20 of them

20 min amrap-
15 dl- 225#
20 box jump overs 30"
15 hspu

I was trying for 1 min for each station or a total of 6 rounds plus 35. I fell 1 round short. The box jumps took way longer than I thought. I almost fell on #20 of set 4. I had to make sure I did not leave blood on the box with my shin.

10 min in I was at 3 rounds even. I started with 6/5/4 and ended up 10/5 on dl. The box was just steady work. The HSPU were 10/5 then towards the end were 15 ub. My mental game was good. Maybe just under estimated how long the box segment would take.

5 min after the finish was put the ice jacket on and do the part B-
AA bike cal
:40 on and :20 off- I got a total of 132. I was super happy about that. I pushed super hard for :10 then cooled down the rest of the time. Huffing and puffing was the sound.

Bunch of stretching and shoulder rehab to finish the nite. Long gym session.
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