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Re: A fitness expert

Good article with some good suggestions. As someone who reads a fair and likes to give advice I especially like this one: "If you don't have a ton of practical experience and personal knowledge of a specific subject, all you should really do is repeat the advice from others that do possess that knowledge."

If I'm talking to someone who doesn't know me about lifting I'm not going to talk about what I think. I'll talk about what Dave Tate, Mark Rippetoe, and Louie Simmons thinks.

Also great: "So to wrap up, ad hominems are irrelevant and should be avoided, but asking about a fitness expert's physical capabilities is certainly not an ad hominem. Fact is, an expert's actual proficiency can often speak louder to their credibility than all the little letters and acronyms behind their names combined." Well put. Someone can be an expert without being a world contender themselves, but being a world class contender certainly adds weight to their arguments.
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