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Re: JD's CrossFit Chronicle

Just an update here. Still following along on the gymnastics thing. It's going well, making progress etc.

Getting through the holidays was rough - too much eating/drinking etc but feeling good now after dialing it in on Tuesday :-) (Monday was an observed holiday)

Here's what i've noticed so far.

I was terribly inflexible. Super tight. I won't blame CrossFit because that's dumb. CrossFit requires capacity in flexibility as well as strength. But strength and metcon was what I pretty much focused on for years. At the expense of basic gymnastics and flexibility.

Holding a proper hollow position for even a few seconds was super hard in the beginning. Being able to do a smooth 'rock and roll' was almost impossible. Could barely touch my toes with locked knees. My lumbar spine was essentially 'locked' in the curved position.

I think this put me in a position to get injured...and injured quite often. I'm about 3 full months in and will post back in another 3. The only 'cardio' or conditioning I've been doing has essentially been warmups. One mile run once a week, 2K Row, 10 Min Bike or 300 double unders.

I'll be able to keep running through the winter though because I just got a Trueform!

That's about it.
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