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Re: JD's CrossFit Chronicle

So - update. Just finished 3 weeks of my new gymnastic bodies program. It was a bumpy start not really knowing what I was doing or where to progress etc but after 3 weeks it's starting to come together. I'm working hard on the stretching portions and am starting to feel better.

I'm clearly weak in the areas I've neglected and strong in the areas I haven't.

I'm doing this for a few reasons...

#1. I'm way too inflexible. It's embarassing actually. I've neglected it for far too long and feel it needs some dedicated time.

#2. i feel it's probably a good way to learn progressions for new people as well as an aging population of recent additions to the gym.

This isn't a knock against any CF gymnastic programming but I wanted a program to follow - people are always doing different barbell programs - it's similar to that. Just a gymnastic version.

I'm in the initial stages of the program and will update periodically.
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