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Re: Anders' log

Still very sore from wednesday's football practice.
Warmed up for ages and proceeded to 12.5

Completed the round of 15's + 1 thruster. (91reps).

Saturday: Rest

Met with 6 friends in a park in Copenhagen. Did three metcons, plenty of rest and talk between workouts.

Workout 1 - Teams of 2. One person does an entire round, the other one rests.
10 KB Fronts squats @ 24kg/53lbs
100m run
Time: ?

Workout 2
500m run
25 HR push ups
500m run
25 KB swings @ 24kg/53lbs
500m run
25 atomic situps
500m run
25 burpees
Time: ?

Workout 3
25m walking lunge
10 push ups
10 box jumps
Time: ?
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