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Re: Rippetoe Deadlift Set Up, What am i doing wrong?

Do not do lee haywards technique or whoever the heck is that guy in the video... trust me.

As for how to build up tension, the best way I can think of to describe it is pulling all the slack out of the barbell. Or another way is to think about pulling on the barbell as hard as you can without actually picking it up. Hold that for a second and then start squeezing it up off the ground. Make sense?

Are you holding off starting a program because you think your deadlift form is off??? If this is the case you need to stop over analyzing things and start lifting weights. Your form is more than sufficient to warrant starting a program. As you build up you can work on perfecting the technique but you have no reason to hold off on a program right now. All you are doing is holding yourself back unnecessarily.

Good luck and Happy lifting
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