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Re: Rippetoe Deadlift Set Up, What am i doing wrong?

thanks for the speedy replies, it has been stressing me, i keep thinking my technique is awful lol.

so basic advice is, when i come to the squeezing chest up slow down, build up tension and squeeze the bar off the floor, and dont crank my neck so much?

can you give me some advice on how to build up tension?

thats 130kg(the last one), at 67kg bodyweight, i did 140kg earlier in the day, i have been playing with techniques all day lol, really want to get it nailed so i can get on a program.

i tried lee haywards technique aswell (, where you start with the bar above the joints in your toes, i manged 140kg extremely easy, and managed do squeeze it off the floor better, but everyone seems to say rippetoes way is the best way. should i do rippetoes way which i find pretty hard, or should i do the way i find easier? tough choice
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