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AF Firefighter Challenge

Ok, I'm going to post the Firefighter Challenge that we AF Firefighters have to complete to pass the Fire Academy and then twice a year while enlisted. Figure it might be something interesting for ya'll to try. We call it 3hrs worth of work in 8minutes.

We do it with full turnout gear plus airpack, but you can use 50lb weight vest.
This IS a timed event. 8 Minutes or less.

Station 1: Carry 25lb 50ft out and back.

Station 2: Carry a 24ft extension ladder 25ft and raise it against a roofline.

Station 3: Drag a charged (pressurized) 1" 3/4 hose 100ft. (You could probably sub by dragging 100-150lbs of weight on a sled with a rope).

Station 4: Climb extension ladder 10 steps, up and down 3 times.

Station 5: Using a 12lb sledge hammer, nock a heavy (150-200lb) tire or weight 12 inches at wast height.

Station 6: walk 25ft and drag a sled with 80lbs on it 50ft with a rope. walk to far end of rope and drag it back 50 ft.

Station 7: Drag a 150lb mannequin (person) 50ft out and 50ft back.

Station 8: Go back to extension ladder, back up and down it 10 steps, 2 times.

Station 9: Take ladder down, carry it 25ft back to where you started.

Station 10: Pick up 35lb weight and carry it 50ft out and 50ft back, and you are done.

My very first time doing this I got it in 7:15, I've got it down to around 5:40 currently. I've seen it done in under 4:30.

It's a good example of the type of work a firefighter will do on a incident scene.
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