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Regionals unfair?

I would agree with you in saying that whoever wins the competitions has good grounds to claim being one of the fittest men alive; however, I do think it just may have been a different person to win that title had the sectionals and the regional competitions been standardized across the world.

Although it may not be always possible or along the “varied”, “unknown, and unknowable” concepts of CrossFit to standardize competitions, I can argue that the athletes that qualified from Canada are not as fit as those that qualified from lots of other regionals.

We know that anyone who qualified from any regional must be crazy fit!

Unfortunately, Canada’s regional competition workouts were not heavy enough.

In every CF games so far the strength aspect of fitness seemed to be more important than endurance. The athletes who had more power, strength, and speed had a better advantage over the athletes who had more endurance.

I think that if Canada’s competitions were a bit heavier we may have had different people qualify and thus better athletes since the CF games will again be heavy.

I do not know for a fact but this may be the case with some other regionals?

This is only my personal opinion =)
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