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Re: Carb Loading Pre-workout

I know everyone else on here has said carb loading is completely unnecessary but there are a few things I played with a while back that might be worth looking at.

My best training time is in the morning on a an empty stomach. In the past I've tried using a High GI liquid carb source within about 1-2 hours of working out. When I really had this going I would make up the drink the night before. I'd usually wake up about an hour two early (on my own, usually to go to the bathroom) and drink the carbs down on the way back to bed. You can also try doing a dextrose/creatine deal. Those drinks are all over the place.

Something else you can try that I've done during a bigtime mass phase is eating a banana or two DURING a strength workout. I'd usually do that after my 1-2 heaviest exercises.

Basically, play with different scenarios like with and without creatine, different amounts of carbs, different carb sources and different timing. Keep a DETAILED journal and see what makes a difference.

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