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Arrow Re: Running a "Fair" Weightloss Challenge?

Here's my 2 cents

I also agree with the above, but being a former "FAT SUIT" CrossFitter I know how it feels to be in a gym with "FIT" people... with that said I think you should judge as the above said by Body % loss, and Performance... For the "Grand Prize"

but to keep EVERYONE invovled I also think you should have Smaller Prizes for things like...
Most Improved...
Most Dedicated...
Most Inches Lost...
because you want to keep the NOT SO "FIT" CrossFitters excited!!! I helped run a bootcamp and I noticed the MORE you are involved (the more you show you CARE) the more they show up for classes and bring friends in to try class etc...

Prizes don't have to be much because letís face it everyone that signs up to do the contest will win a BIGGER PRIZE in the end and we all know what that is Our Health back!!! or for the "FIT" they become Healthier

Just something to think about
A good friend of mine has a really good contest going on, maybe you can get ideas from them or email them etc...

Link to their site (CrossFit Hampton Roads): w/f safe: Biggest Loser

They are using a BODY SCAN to judge the winners... Other option to that would be a BOD POD TEST... Both are cheap and easy to do

Take Care and keep us posted!!!
gayle in VA
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