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I have been in Crossfit (and some "gymjones" workouts as well) for about 4 months now and man do i see a difference in almost every exercise i do. The only part of my body that i feel is still sub-par is my shoulders but i am working on that. at any rate, i was in the gym the other day watching some people do deadlifts and strapping on a tight weight belt doing about the same weight i have done (and they are taller and stronger looking than i). i remember back in high school always feeling the need for a weight belt while doing shoulder exercises as well as legs. however...i find it interesting that i have never seen anyone in crossfit or any other of the similar sites wearing belts while lifting...even on the "max" days....

my question is ...does this have more to do with the fact that crossfit does not really require max loads that often or is it that since crossfit deals heavily with form, that if you keep your form correct you won't have to worry too much about hurting your lower back (which is what i always was told was the need for the belt)? just curious what others had to say on this matter?

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