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Re: CrossFit Endurance & WOD's

Up your fat, start with 2 CFE per week (one interval, one tempo). If you aren't training multi-sport, that's as much as you should do... ever.

I am training 2 sports (bike, run) and eating paleo (approx. 12-16 CHO, 23-26 PRO, as much fat as I want). That means 5 CF and 4 CFE workouts per week. It also means watching my sleep and feeling sore a lot, plus constantly monitoring results to avoid overtraining.

So what I'm saying is, if you can handle your sleep, eat more fat, and monitor your workout results carefully, go for it. If that's too much, don't.

Also, unless you're training for an event, CFE is not necessary. If you are, best of luck to you!
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