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Question I **** myself during Fran

Firstly, how many of you sadistic bastards laughed when you read the title, and opened the thread hoping to hear how some poor sod cacked his pants yet still complete his WOD as requested, and now needs advice on the best gear to wear in case it happens again.

Secondly, the title is fib - but since I got your attention, the actual subject of this thread is – what would you put in your top ten threads - titles or contents - loved or hated - and why e.g:-

Questions to all who have done Starting Strength+GOMAD – Great from a factual/useful point of view

Charles Poliquin on Crossfit – The thread that would not die

A question…. – Just annoying. Like when people say 'Can I ask you a question?'

Seen at the globo yesterday – for the stories that continue to make me laugh during coffee breaks at work

I shat myself during Fran – Funny from the initial picture it paints / annoying given that the title totally belies the actual contents – just wanted to get an idea of some 'best bits' on this site, and give some people a smile on what for many is the first day back at work (in the UK anyway).

Happy New Year.