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Jason Hughes
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Bumper Plates!!!


I just wanted to say thank you for all your support. We try our hardest to make a great product at a reasonable price, and give you outstanding customer support that you deserve.

We have just been informed by our rubber supplier that our material price will be increasing again for the third time.

As much as I hate to raise the price of our Bumper Plates, unfortunately under the recent increase we have no choice, as we have held off as long as possible.

This increase will take affect November 17, 2008, as this will give you a few days to get in your existing quotes.

The new pricing will be as follows:

Black Bumpers $1.20 a pound
Colored Bumpers $1.45 a pound

Unfortunately we are unable to absorb this recent material increase as we have in the past.

I hope you all understand and realize that this is still an incredible price and an even more incredible product!!!

In Good Health,

Jason Hughes
Vice President
Wright Rubber
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