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Place to look for C2 in the UK..

Just thought I'd pass this web link on for an alternative place to look for a Concept2 rower in the UK. I've been watching rowers on ebay for ages now and rarely do they go for less than 500 pounds.

Today I attended my first auction at wilsons - (w/f/s)

By chance there was a load of gym equipment including two rowers, a model C and a model D. I managed to bag a mint condition model D with PM3 for 180 pounds. Bidding started at a tenner....ridiculous!!!!

The model C sold for a mere 70.....

Its free to sign up for their newsletter which includes dates of upcoming auctions, including a full online catalogue in PDF.

Worth keeping an eye out for and a cheaper alternative to ebay/craigslist etc...

Happy hunting....
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