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Craig: roger, sorry.

Jason: my goal at this point is looking leaner. As strong as I may be, having 22% bf that resides mainly in my gut does not make me look strong or lean.

20070116 Nutrition Journal
0730 - 4 eggs w/ veggies, 1 med sausage
1100 - 6 oz buffalo, 5 oz braised kale/collards
1400 - 6 oz salmon, 5 oz braised kale
1800 - 6 oz elk, 5 oz green beans
2100 - 8 olives, 4 oz brie
-handful of mixed raw nuts with middle three meals

This is pretty much a standard day, I'll have some carbs on the weekend (a very few beers/wine, some potato, very little bread).

Thanks in advance.

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