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Re: Squat, Press, Power Clean Form

Scott... some info that might help.

The Squat:
It was a little hard to see with the angle, but it looks like you are rounding your back once you get just above parallell. The depth looks good, but you are dipping your chest forward and your back is rounding (no bueno, go lighter if you have to at first).

Biggest thing is keeping that arch in your back, and you keeping your chest high should actually help a bit with that.

The Press:
Again, a little hard to tell with the angle but that last two looked like your best to me. Keep focusing on bringing your head and body through the bar (which you were doing on the last two).

The Clean:
I know it's a power clean but you still have to catch the bar in some type of squat... I know you recognized that as well. You are coming off the ground a bit slow and not opening your hips all the way (this is hard for all of us). Don't forget that big shrug and keep those elbows high and bring them through fast. Be more aggresive, still don't jerk the bar off the ground, but don't be slow with it either.

Hope this helps a little bit for you and I'm sure there are others with much more advice for you. Keep up the solid work!!
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