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Team Wods, a resource

Hello, everyone!

I am a level 1 coach at a Box in Gothenburg, Sweden. and we have teamwods every saturday. Weve been doing them for about 8 months, and I have been programming them for the last 6 or so months. After googling for inspiration fot new team wods I kinda gave up. Most of the stuff I see on internet is basic "chipper"-style where you just divide the wod in 2 or more, and I think that you can get really creative with the team wods. I put a lot of thought into our teamwods since they are the highlight of my training week, its so fun that I have to do it with the group (the session consists solely of warm-up and a long wod).
So I thought Id post some of the wods weve been doing, and perhaps you could add yours that you feel were really great. Most of these wods take between 40 and 80 minutes to do, they are pure hell but superfun to do when you team up.
I thought Id post some now, and then some more as times go by. Feel free to "steal" them ("Good artists copy, great artists steal"!) and do them at your box, I have plain copied some and some are taken and mixtured with. Ok, so here goes, hope you get some enjoyment out of them

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