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Re: Its me and it's her (the wife)

Another week another day another morning... wake up call 05.20 at the gym 06.00

Took Friday and Monday off to work on the house so no training...

So today it was the wife and me

Things are going to be a little different this week only working on 1 rep max.

C2 rower - 5min row for calories
Wallball ladder. Took 5 of the WBs in the gym, 3,4,6,9,10kgs and put them in a line by the wall. Starting with the lightest first 1 rep and then onto the next 1 rep and so on. We did this for 10 rounds.

Then onto 1 reps max today
Front squat

Increasing the weight as we went along to see where we end up... The wife had a niggle in her thigh and knee so she took it a little easy so as not to hurt herself and concentrate on the movements.

Result for today
Squat 125kgs/275lbs
Front squat 115kgs/253lbs
No lifts were to failure

Squat 55kgs/121lbs
Front squat 45kgs/99lbs
No lifts were to failure, she lifted these very easy taking into account the focus was on technique and form and not the weight. It will be great when we can test this again when she feels ok to see what she can really lift.

All in all a good day
Better than today, stronger than tomorrow.
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