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Re: PaleoZone vs Morbid Obesity: An Odyssey

Doh! Correcting The Projected Bodyweight and Spreadsheet
I goofed up the spreadsheet and some of the projections from my last post. Here is the updated information and corrected spreadsheet...

Projected Bodyweight Range At 189 Pounds of LBM
As the table below reveals, I will be quite the big boy at 189 pounds of LBM, ranging from 210 to 222 pounds of bodyweight. So Patrick was indeed quite correct when he stated that my eventual bodyweight should be considerably higher than my current projections show.
  • Bodyweight at 10% BFC: 210 lbs
  • Bodyweight at 12.5% BFC: 216 lbs
  • Bodyweight at 15% BFC: 222 lbs
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